With so many expectations and challenges facing Governors and schools, training and development for Governors has never been so important.

Here at Practical Governor we are committed to supporting Governors so that they can become more skilled and knowledgeable and face their role with confidence.

We believe that a free annual subscription to Practical Governor is a vital part of becoming a really effective Governor. It assists Governors in dealing with the many issues that occur regularly; in keeping up with the many changes taking place in education; and in supporting schools to raise standards.

As we upload articles up to 20 named Governors or staff can be selected to receive an email to make them aware of new content. We hope your Governing Body will consider taking out a subscription.
Practical Governor
The purpose of Practical Governor is simple:

to keep Governors´ in touch with the latest developments in all areas of school life, together with guidance to evidence good governance, as well as the law relating to Governors´.

The beauty of Practical Governor is that we undertake the reading and writing for you. We send you information relevant to your role to keep you up to date. It´s a quick and easy way of making sure you know what´s going on in all areas of education and specifically in the areas that are most relevant to Governors´.

As the burden of responsibility ever increases, we believe our online tool is an invaluable tool for the busy school Governor, and we share with you quality processes to enable you to make a significant contribution and impact upon the achievements of your school.

To keep things simple, we cover the following areas-

News - providing up to date news of interest to a governor
Clerking Matters - featuring information relevant to Clerks and
   Committee members
Tasks - detailing tasks for Governors´ for the current school term
Training - understanding the opportunities for training
In the classroom - focusing on teaching initiatives
Legal update - keeping on top of changes in legislation
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